Every aspect of a politician’s life is magnified and critiqued, especially during an election. When people think of Mitt Romney, the word Mormon might come to mind. Some believe that Romney’s LDS faith is one of his defining values, while others may ignore his religion and personal life, and look purely at his political ideologies.
The fact is, personal experiences and beliefs (not necessarily religion), will always influence a person’s decision making. While Romney may be the first Mormon presidential candidate, he certainly is not the first man of God. Going back to the Gettysburg Address, Lincoln spoke of the “nation under God”. Many presidents incorporate the idea of God into their speeches, without narrowing down to a particular religion. Whether it is Muslim, Mormon, Catholic, etc., the unity of faith in a higher power seems to be more important than a single denomination.
The United States is fundamentally Christian, but I feel that people today are much more accepting when it comes to many ideologies. Americans are able to identify, for the most part, what makes a good politician for their nation, rather than a good pastor. Religion may influence his decisions, but Romney is clearly intelligent and has used much more than the ideas of Joseph Smith to achieve the status of a presidential candidate. While religion is important to many, it is a small detail that is overshadowed by political fundamentals. Romney is looking to get a job as a politician, not a minister.

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