Colonial Remnants in Canada (RELS 348)

The article, “Part of Pictou County Highway Renamed in Honour of Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Cumberland News Now, 21 December, 2012 summarizes the renaming of Pictou County highway after Queen Elizabeth.

In honour of her Diamond Jubilee, part of highway 6 was renamed, which, “Recognizes Her Majesty’s many years of service and commitment to our country” (para. 2). The reasoning behind it as Premier Darrell Dexter notes is because the anniversary has inspired many Nova Scotians to improve the province and raise a family.

This is not unique to this province, as Alberta itself has also renamed highway 2 after the Queen. In addition, there were many Diamond jubilee ceremonies held across Nova Scotia with 200 citizens being recognized and over 60 scholarships for students being awarded.

The Monarchist league of Canada, who requested the renaming, noted the Diamond Jubilee served as a great opportunity to celebrate her service to the country.

Another motivation for the renaming of the highway, as pointed out by the article, is the tourist travel on the highway. It is noted that the Queen has visited 22 times so far.

Whether Canada is a post colonial country or not yet I am sure some could argue, but this article leaves me feeling like the country still is to a certain extent under influence of the British monarchy. The article seems to be very one sided, as it only mentioned the positives about the events, leaving out any details on the costs of the renaming process. I find myself agreeing with the one comment on the article that mentions the ambiguity in how many millions have been spent on the queens 22 visits.

As a member of a post colonial country, I think it is important to avoid these kind of actions, and spending as not only could that money be used towards important things that benefit everyone, but also because there is arguably a large portion of the country that do not feel any ties to the British monarchy, as we are such a multicultural nation, and therefore I argue that the country should cut these ties.


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