Almost all the dead were Christians

Multiculturalism is something that Canadians are very proud of. The fact that many different cultures can live together peacefully makes Canada one of the best countries to live in. Unfortunately, not all nations have the same level of acceptance. Extreme racism towards people of different religions was the foundation for Nazi Germany’s genocide of the Jews. For Germans the only acceptable religion was their very own Germanic religion. Nazi Germany therefore depicts state perpetrated violence against members of a group. A group is ‘a biological entity made up of distinct racial, cultural, and intellectual substance.’ State perpetrated violence against religious groups is currently an issue for Egypt. On October 9th 2012 several thousand Egyptians marched through Cairo on the year anniversary of a brutal massacre of 26 Christians. The events that transpired a year earlier resulted when Coptic Christians were peacefully protesting the government’s failure to take any action against a string of attacks that had burned down a church. Egypt’s military vehicles wildly sped into the crowd, driving back and forth over protesters, killing 15. Another 11 died of gunshot wounds. What is troubling is that the new Islamist president, Mohamed Morsi has not brought justice to the perpetrators. A president should have the duty to protect any civilian no matter their religion, should he not? In light of these events it is important to ask if Coptic Christians will ever be safe in their own country. Another thing to question is whether civilians have more of a duty towards their state or their religion?



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