This is a blogsite containing mini-Blogs written by students in Canada taking religious studies courses. The blog entries express the interests and comments of participating students. The views expressed are not those of the blog owner or any other professor or research assistant who is involved in teaching a course in this area.

The purpose of these mini-Blogs is twofold. First, they are intended to draw attention to news stories about religion today. Second, they provide insight into the way students studying at Canadian universities think about religion and religious issues.

The graphic at the top of the page was designed by Roberta Polfus for Irving Hexham’s Concise Dictionary of Religion. For more information about this book go to: http://people.ucalgary.ca/~uwr/content/uwr-bookstore.html

You might also like to look at the Website http://www.understandingworldreligions.com/ for more information on world religions and the teaching of religion.

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