The story provides comprehensive details on the recent VP Debate, but what those on either side of the abortion debate will be interested in is the candidates’ religiously inspired stance on this issue. Biden and Ryan agree with their church’s (Catholic) stance that abortion is wrong and for the next four years the office of the Vice President of the United States will carry this view, regardless of who wins this November. Biden however chooses to ignore his convictions and wishes to maintain status quo laws on abortion, while Ryan is resigned to the fact even with Republican control of the white house, little would likely change when it comes to abortion law in the United States.
Later in the debate they disagree on the methods an administration should take to tackle modern day war criminals like Syria’s Assad, or Libya’s late Gadhafi. But both were vehemently opposed to the actions of dictators such as these, and were determined to stop them.
At this point I found it interesting that a modern American government would likely be at odds with history’s most notorious war criminals – the Nazi’s, but for different reasons than one might think.  Where these two governments would disagree is on the social morality of abortion! Surprisingly numerous high ranking fascist Nazi’s were opposed to abortion, they felt it robbed Germany of its future, while many in the “world’s bastion of freedom” (the USA) see the termination of pregnancy as a right that needs to be protected. Is a right to abortion then the highest form of an advanced liberty? And if so, whose liberty is it?

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