Mass Unification Church Wedding Held in South Korea

Mass Unification Church Wedding Held in South Korea

On March 3, 2015 Kim Dong-Hyun from Yahoo News wrote an article entitled “3800 Unification Church Couples Wed in Mass Ceremony” [] which details the event that took place on Tuesday February 31, 2015 at the Unification headquarters in an area that resembled a stadium. The groups late leader Sun Myung Moon’s teachings are somewhat based on the bible with his own new interpretations, he believed that his purpose was to bring the world back to its “‘sinless’ purity” and complete what he believes to be an unfinished mission by Jesus.

In this ceremony thousands of unification members were arranged into couples for marriage favoring cultural blending as well as many new converts to the Unification Church who were married prior confirming their vows with the church and thus making them “full members”. The Unification Church has been holding these mass weddings since the 1960’s and historically they were preceded over by Moon himself. Since his passing in 2012 his wife Hak Ja Hun has been appointed to these duties and preceded over this February ceremony with thousands of identically dressed couples.

Many of these couples were interviewed after the ceremony and expressed excitement and nervousness. It is hard to imagine being assigned a life partner without knowing them beforehand especially if that partner did not even have a common language with you. I can understand why the group faced such opposition when coming out with these mass weddings in the 1960’s a time of pro-choice and feminism as well the conservative members of society at the time may have shown concern with the emphasis the Unification Church placed and places on cultural blending. The culture surrounding cults at the time was not viewed positively and were often judged or cast out of society. However the current article seems to have a positive tone regarding the group and the ceremony which is enlightening to see that the world has at least to some degree become more accepting of some more established new religious movements.



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