Discrimination Against One by the Use of Religion

Arkansas Senate Passes Religion Bill Called Anti-Gay

 Discrimination Against One by the Use of Religion


Discrimination against Religion makes headlines in the news weekly, but with the recent legislation bill that has been passed by using Religion as the base principle of the bill discriminates against the Gay and Lesbian Community. The article from the Huffington Post written by Jon Herskovitz titled Arkansas Senate Passes Religion Bill called Anti-gay (http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2015/03/27/arkansas-senate-passes-religion-gays_n_6959104.html). Religion alone is a sensitive subject while adding the government and bills such as the anti gay bill that has just been passed mass amounts of people are affected. Governments are suppose to protect the citizens of their country not discriminate, so why is the government passing bills such as the new Anti Gay bill?
The answer to the question is they are passing bills to protect the Religious practices of the religions of the state. The article by Herskovits touches on the basic laws of the new Anti- Gay bill that ‘protects’ religious practices. Both Religion and sexual orientation needs protection from the public and the judgments that pass between others. When bills such as the recent one that has been passed the light that is shone on Religion becomes negative. By stating that the bill is in favor of Religion and the freedom of Religion by refusing service to the gay and lesbian community the public passes judgments on the followers of the Religion.

As a University student and one in Religious studies bills such as the anti gay bill passed in the United States does not make sense to protect the basic human rights. Human rights must be protected not only on the individual level but on the national level as well. The new anti gay bill refusing service to members of the gay community, allows the stripping of peoples’ rights of movement by limiting places of where they can go.



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