Congratulations on your Scientology oriented wedding?

Congratulations on your Scientology oriented wedding?

Is scientology a genuine religion? Why has it created talks of dispute for decades? Why does the government not recognize my wedding, just because of my religious belief? These are all questions a couple in United Kingdom had in their minds through their fight for justice. What mattered in the end was that they got wedded. Louisa Hodkin and her fiancé went through thick and thin with the laws of UK, but all they wanted was equality. When it comes to scientology, people usually have distorted views. Before we get too far into this story, it would be best to enlighten ourselves with what scientology really is. According to its website, scientology is not a dogmatic religion that requires a belief in a supreme deity. It is rather a belief one has within their own spiritual nature to understand themselves, others and their entire universe. The court overturned a 1970s ruling to create a more equal and broad definition of religion. This article illustrates how open this world is becoming to accepting new religions. All we have to do is respect it and move on with our lives, right? Honestly, it’s easier said than done. Marriage is the right of every human being. Your religious beliefs should not be the deciding factor of your martial status. According to the article, this ruling does provide quality to the followers of Scientology, but it also forces the government to make some key decisions. The government would need to pass new laws, create new economic policies and rates to make ends meet.

In my opinion, all religions should have the freedom to follow their belief paths. Yet, I still feel that if you act inhumanly within that religion, it may not turn out to be as widely accepted. From my understanding of religion, scientology would fit under the category of a religion. I agree with the Supreme Court’s decision on Louisa’s case. Times have changed, better or for the worse? Time will takes its toll on that ironic statement. Even though I do not fully understand the concept of scientology but as a human being, I feel obliged to respect it, just in the same way I respect other known religions. Marriage symbolizes the bringing together of two human beings, and should not be solely based on their religious beliefs.

This article connects with our Religious Studies 341 class in a distinctive way. In class, Dr. Hexham presented us with the definition and historical context of Scientology. He explained to us of how scientology came to be and at what point is its status around the world. Plus, through extensive research, I came across an article by Dr. Hexham himself. It examined the everlasting question: Is scientology a religion? In the article, Dr. Hexham used Ninian Smart’s definition of religion to come to the conclusion that scientology is a religion. He even mentions that the concept of scientology fits well in terms of Stark and Bainbridge’s definition of religion.

In Conclusion, scientology has raised many eyebrows through the years. From celebrities to normal people, it has had the “effect” on all. Declaring scientology as a religion has raised questions amongst many religious scholars around the world. What’s next for scientology? The rise or the end…



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