The Unification Church, Cult?

 The Unification Church, Cult?

The Unification Church is a biblical cult founded in 1954 in South Korea, that is very similar to Christianity, but with some differences. For example, “Moonies,” as adherents are jokingly referred to as, believe that the Christian god is both masculine and feminine. The bible is at the core of their religion. However, several things make them different from mainstream Christianity and can be found in “Exposition of the Divine Principle. “As for what makes the Unification Church a cult, there are the accusations of brainwashing, which is quite common in cults. Another thing that sticks out is the sheer wealth of Moon, who Moonies believe is the Second Coming of Christ. In 1982, Moon was jailed for tax fraud in the United States. Fraud and accumulation of wealth are also common among cult leaders. The Moonies are a dangerous mind control cult with millions of followers and billions of dollars. Reverend Moon is a religious nut who is trying to take over the world. Moon openly admits that he thinks he is God and he expects to be worshipped! To me this seems like nonsense. How can millions believe that a mere mortal human being be God. God is the creature of the universe, of humans, and of our existence. Im not the most religious person, but I have enough common sense to realize that there is a higher power, and no disrespect to Moonies, but how can a little Asian man create the universe, and why would god want to be on earth alongside the creatures he created when he could be overlooking our fate (which I believe he is.) #uwreligions



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