Religious Freedom Restoration Act: What you need to know.

Religious Freedom Restoration Act: What you need to know.

By Erin Mcclam. (

Erin talks about the new law Indiana governor Mike Pence signed. Pence signed a

“Religious Freedom Restoration Act” bill which gives any businesses the right to deny service to gays. Religious Freedom Restoration Act basically respect everyone’s right to their religious acts. Which means if they do not condone something or like something, they can refuse something without getting in trouble by law. For example any catering company can refuse to cater a gay wedding and they would not have problems with the law. The bill says “state cannot substantially burden a person’s exercise of religion”. The author maintains an un-biased view on the subject but gives both sides to the story. He shows all the controversy with this bill Indiana state signed. Public figures such as Hillary Clinton, Tim Cook are against this bill. Gay marriage is legal in state of Indiana but with this new bill they can be discriminated against by many businesses that do not believe gay marriages. Although there are many that oppose this bill and those that are for the bill.

Organizations such as Indiana Right to Life and anti abortion groups are defending the bill saying thank you for religious freedom and conscience rights. I believe protecting the right of religion is good but if it discriminates others that do not share the same views, it should not be allowed. No one should be discriminated in the name of Religion.


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