How Franklin Jones Became the Master

How Franklin Jones Became the Master

Gary Reilly describes how Franklin Jones became the head of Adidama in “How Franklin Jones Became the Master” ( The article goes through the first stages of Jones’s religious life including his experiences with multiple types of hallucinogens. Through various religious studies, including scientology, as well as studying under a teacher of Eastern Indian Mysticism, as well as spending a long time in seclusion with his wife to be, he came to terms with his own version of enlightenment. After his studies, his experiments with drugs, as well as support from his wife he created Adidama.

My personal view on the religion is very mixed. I am not sure what to believe on it. There is several individual sects of this particular religion, and therefore there is very differing views on the religion itself. There have been sects charged with accusations of slavery as well as the sex trade, however there are also fully functioning communities that focus on the religion. Being similar to Buddhism, Frank Jones claims to have found enlightenment and recorded how to do so. Where I believe there is nothing wrong with that in particular, I feel as though some of his approaches might be a little inappropriate, but he does support using hallucinogens, and the very idea of them terrify me. This is the line that I have to draw in a religion I support, not because I think he is necessarily wrong in his search for enlightenment but I believe encouraging your followers to use substances which harm their bodies isn’t okay.



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