Do We Believe in God

Do We Believe in God


            Belief in God has always been a hot topic of discussion throughout history. Whether it is practical to believe in a religion and god, or to live as an agnostic. In an article titled “Is there a God? Is the concept of karma all hogwash?” Hindustan Times, March 11, 2015, Vinod Dhawan discuses the idea of belief in God in India. (

The article begins with stating that the concept of karma is all nonsense. Karma is a popular belief in Hinduism and Buddhism that states that the sum of a person’s actions in this and previous states of existence, viewed as deciding their fate in future existence. The author of the article completely opposes this by saying that karma is all nonsense. He goes on to say that there is no god. Furthermore, he explains this belief by stating that even if he came face to face with god, he would not be able to recognize him. This is the reason why the author does not believe in anything and is an agnostic. He provides his reasoning by stating how there is so much injustice and distress in the world. If god exists, then these issues would not occur. To provide proof, he states various different horrific events that occurred in India. He states that even though reason and logic have their limitations, he still does not believe that god exists. As stated in the article, the author believes that agnostics ask for a solid reason for them to believe something. They have their doubts and questions while believers have their religion and faith.

In our class, we always discussed new religious movements. I believe that the topic of agnostics is also a new religious movement because not many believe in religions and god. in class, we’ve been shown movies where people are abducted and brainwashed to force them to believe in a religion.

The article is interesting because it states that karma is all nonsense. I think that this is hard to believe if the author does not provide any proof for such a claim. Personally, I believe in karma and god so it is extremely difficult for me to accept the author’s claim about it. If some sort of solid proof was provided, I may be able to change my perception. Being an agnostic himself, he wants solid reasons for him to believe in something. But on the contrast, he fails to persuade the reader by providing actual proof for his own reasoning. Next, he states that there is no god because even if he came face to face with Him, he would be unable to recognize him. I disagree with this statement because even though we cannot see Him, it does not mean that god does not exist. For instance, we cannot see air that holds oxygen for us to breath, but based on the author’s logic, if we cannot see air, it does not exist. . Without air, no human would be alive. While this incorrect, I also believe that he blames god for the injustice that occurs in our world. I think that we are to blame for all of this because god gives us guidance and freedom to make choices and if some people misuse this right, then this is our fault not of god’s. Overall, I think the article raises good issues but needs concrete reasoning behind it.

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