Disciples of Christ Against LGBT Discrimination

Disciples of Christ Against LGBT Discrimination

For the third blog I have chosen an article by Lauren Markoe titled “Disciples of Christ Church Threatens A Boycott Over New Indiana Bill That Allows LGBT Discrimination,” Huffington Post, 28 March 2015 which can be found at the following link (http://huff.to/1ILYwyq). As the article’s title implies the Disciples of Christ Church has publicly announced it’s views on the recent bill passed in Indiana. The bill itself as the article states protects business owners who invoke their religious beliefs on LGBT customers and deny them service. Indianapolis has been the headquarters for the Disciples of Christ church for over 1000 years but it may not be for long as they are threatening to relocate their denomination. The reason for this threat is because they want the public to know that they disapprove of and disagree with the recent bill as it enforces discrimination towards the LGBT community.

The reason I chose this article is because I think it relates well to our studies of new religious movements. More specifically I chose this article because I believe it does a good job showing how new religious movements impact society in the modern day. The Disciples of Christ church reaction to the recent Indiana bill show how this religious movement has adapted to modern society. Although they are a Christian denomination their disapproval of the bill shows how their beliefs are congruent with society’s growing acceptance of the LGBT community. Their threat to relocate also shows how new religious movements can play a major role in influencing how the rest of society reacts to current events and issues. Personally I think their reaction to the bill is commendable as they as a Christian community are standing up for the rights of the LGBT community.


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