Actress Leah Remini Thankful for Support Amid Scientology Reports

Actress Leah Remini Thankful for Support Amid Scientology Reports 

Nadine Saad

Leah Remini, an actress and a follower of Scientology for the past three decades officially announced her exit from the religion of Scientology. After years of interrogation, blacklists, and harassments she has finally decided to leave Scientology behind.

Remini mentions throughout the article that the main reason she decided to leave was from expressing disagreement with Scientology’s policies and in return their reaction to her disagreement. The article states “The church is said to have followers disconnect from family members deemed suppressive person if they choose to leave the church” (New York Post). She believed that no religion should separate a member’s family or abuse someone by using religion as an excuse. Remini isn’t the first big screen star to leave Scientology, celebrities who cut ties with the Church include: Nicole Kidman, Katie Holmes, Demi Moore, and Jerry Seinfeld.

As discussed during lecture by Dr. Hexham, science and technology make people question the miracles and the religion itself. Sermons are no longer sermons but more like lectures. The very example of Scientology, where members must pay to receive greater “education” on their religion and where members must be at a certain level to have questions or have opinions about the authorities of the Church. Surely as human beings, we cannot believe in the things that we cannot see, hear, or feel. We need justification and we need evidence to “back-up” our beliefs. This is not at all what religion is about. The Old Testament in the Holy Bible contains stories of miracles, like Jesus walking on water and Jesus healing a blind man with a touch of his hands. Perhaps this is the reason why people seek for evidence and proof that what we believe in is the truth. We expect events like the ones in the Old Testament to occur in real life. For starters, science is based on proof, evidence, and statistics. And maybe because of its nature, it draws people to their Church who search for answers by looking back to the origin and evidence of the creation of everything that has occurred on this planet. By manipulating members to leave everything else behind including family members and to devote their entire time on their religion, Scientology faces a great deal of controversy with the general public.

Originated from a science fiction author L. Ron Hubbard, Scientology remains as a high-profile religion. Evidently, there are high profile celebrities who have joined Scientology and as of today it seems like they are the core reason for Scientology to be standing. John Travolta and Tom Cruise are the two famous celebrities who are still active within the church.

Some of the beliefs in Scientology is in fact ridiculous, an example would be their secrecy of scripture and texts that are kept from the public view. They worry that the premature viewing will lead to impeded spiritual development. One of the main aspects of a religion is some type of evangelism to spread the good news, however Scientology seems to do the opposite. Perhaps that is the very reason why people decide to join? The discrete characteristics they hold? Or their secrecy of their information that attracts people to find out?

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