Anti-Muslim prejudice, the newest layer in American history (RELS 348)

The presence of islamophobia in the United States has gradually grown since the September 11 attacks that had occurred in New York in 2011. On February 10th a shooting occurred involving 3 Muslim students in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. The man responsible for the murders, Craig Stephen Hicks, is now being possibly charged for a hate crime as he has in the past shown extreme hate towards Christians and Muslims online on his Facebook page. This is just another case that has occurred in the last year showing how hatred towards Islam has steadily increased in the United States. In the article “Islamophobia is just the latest in a history of US imperialismThe National, February 21, 2015 written by Arun Kundnani, islamophobia is clearly shown in the US. Arun claims that he had spent a year travelling across the United States investigating the presence of isamophobia. Through the investigations he came across a restaurant owner who had an image of a 20th century lynching. Arun explained it as “in place of the black victim of the original image, the face of a stereotypical Arab was superimposed with the caption: “Let’s play cowboys and Iranians.”Arun then argues that due to the alliance between Israel and the United States, cultural and political elite has used racial categorization to explain “resistance to its authority”. Arun made a great point by stating that “Rather than see the Palestinian movement, for example, as rooted in a struggle against military occupation and for human rights, it has been more convenient to think that Arabs are inherently fanatical. In other words, the problem is their culture, not our politics.” The bases of his article is intended to let the reader see the terror that many right wing extremist in the United States are bringing towards Islamic citizens which in a lot of ways is similar to the terror that was brought by terrorists against the United States. As a Muslim living in North America, a lot of the points Arun brings up in the article not only makes me more aware of what’s happening in our neighboring country but also strikes fear as many of these extremist also are residence of Canada. Hearing about the stories of some of the things Arun came across while travelling in the United States is a strong indication that many Americans have to be educated on the people that are causing destruction the Muslim countries because many children inherit their peers beliefs which extend the existence of things such as islamophobia. It isn’t the religion that is corrupt; it is a handful of individuals that claim that the religion is the reasoning for their actions. The longer islamophobia lasts in the United States, the more innocent civilians will lose their lives.




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