“Scientology: You don’t fall out with them lightly”

As the popularity of Scientology continues to grow amongst Tom Cruise fans, the friends and family of John Sweeny, from the documentary Scientology and Me, continue to feel haunted by the entire experience of John’s examination into this new religious movement. Journalist Cian Traynor interviews Sweeny and expresses his experience in the article “Scientology: You don’t fall out with them lightly”. http://www.irishtimes.com/life-and-style/people/scientology-you-don-t-fall-out-with-them-lightly-1.2085657 The article begins by explaining John Sweeny’s dedication to the subject as he studied Scientology for over a decade; leading to books and a documentary exposing the intimidating religion. Scientology was created by author Ron Hubbard and published in one of his books, later to be practiced in real life a few years later in the United States. It sets out to explain that people have forgotten their true identities and must re-experience traumatic events in order to overcome them. Sweeny talks about the “haunting” he received from members, even reports that Scientology believers showed up at his wedding. Stalked, threatened, and frightened by members of a church that believe in overcoming traumatic events in order to be better people. It’s really no wonder that so many people feel intimidated by the religion. So why do so many people still flock towards it? John suggests that people simply want bigger and better out of life, and religions like Scientology provide that potential. Not to mention the fact that Tom Cruise has been a major eye candy and role model for years, so when his dedication to the church was revealed it really isn’t shocking that people wanted to check Scientology out. It definitely makes a person question what other religions have had an accidental celebrity-promo, and how many people would be willing to try out a new faith simply because their favorite movie star does too. Whatever the case, a church that literally stalks its questioners clearly isn’t one to mess around with.



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