Florida woman damages Satanic Temple display at state capital:

Florida woman damages Satanic Temple display at state capital:


An atheist group in Tallahassee, Florida took advantage of the state capital’s free speech zone this holiday season, by setting up a very obvious anti Christian exhibit. Their display featured an angel falling into flames with the message “Happy Holidays from the Satanic Temple.” This was meant to counter the nativity scene that had recently been set up in that location. The “Satanic Temple” is a satirical group that is against religious displays as well as the distribution of religious materials at public schools. Finding this display tasteless and offensive a woman was caught vandalizing the group’s installation.

While this is a simple news story, where the author presents facts versus offering a viewpoint or opinion, it perfectly exemplifies the ongoing debate of religious expression. Where does one draw the line of appropriate versus obnoxious when practicing and promoting one’s individual religion? I personally find it extremely frustrating when approached by someone preaching his or her religious viewpoint, but view nativity scenes as quite innocent. You simply can stop to admire them or keep on walking. The Satanic Temple’s display on the other hand comes across as quite offensive as they are purposely insulting and undermining the Christian religion.

The spreading of Christianity is further challenged by the Atheist group in a news article (http://touch.orlandosentinel.com/#section/-1/article/p2p-82673469/) covering the distribution of bibles in public schools. The Satanic Temple, infuriated about the distribution of bibles, demanded the right to distribute satanic coloring books and fact sheets about atheism. Faced with a tough decision a policy change was made to ban all religious material in public schools. This was a smart move made by the school board, as it is the public not the catholic school system. With children from all different social and religious backgrounds attending, it is crucial to avoid promoting any religions as to not offend their personal beliefs.

Overall I understand where the Satanic Temple is coming from, but find them borderline hypocritical. By creating displays and demanding to distribute material promoting atheism they are also forcing a certain viewpoint on people.


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