Ahmadi? You don’t deserve any rights!

Ahmadi? You don’t deserve any rights!



Muslims have been under the radar for the longest time in history. The struggle they have against others is justified. Yet, the trouble against one another is kind of absurd. In a recent news article by Mohammad Hanif of BBC News Karachi, Hanif discusses the history of Ahmadi Muslims and their comparison to other Muslims. First, let me introduce the Ahmadis. Ahmadis are branched down from the ancestors of Mirza Ghulam Ahmed and they believe him to be another prophet of God. All other Muslims deny this fact. The solidifying reason of rejection is that Prophet Muhammad was the last Prophet of God and this is not negotiable as it is evident in the Holy Quran. This denial forced all other Muslims to declare this group (the Ahmadis) as Kafirs (non-believers). The news article discusses the groups of Ahmadis within Pakistan that struggle to survive as a minority. The rise of Ahmadis began in the 1800s and all was fine until the mid 1970s. In 1974, Pakistan’s parliament declared Ahmadis as non-Muslims. This decision created an intense fusion and chaos amongst society. To make matters worse, in 1984, Pakistan’s PM Zia ul-Haq constituted an oath against the Ahmadis that all other Muslims were required to sign. (Details of the oath are in the article) The article illustrates the continuous massacres that happened against Ahmadis through the decades. There are still many Ahmadi communities within Pakistan that continue to fight for their right. Yet, most of them have accepted the fact and just want to live in peace. Hanif brings up quite the arguments on both sides to this story. Hanif does not agree to them (Ahmadis) being right in their views. Yet, he still believes that they are only human. Where in the writings of Islam does it say that you have the right to torture another individual without any solid reason? Unless, the Ahmadis are doing something to aggravate you or deteriorate your religious beliefs, you have no right to harm them.

This new religious movement (the Ahmadis) have been through a lot within their history. Their young but they are growing in large numbers within the world today. Most of them are fleeing to Western countries to keep their faith intact without being interrogated upon each step they take. I agree with Hanif and his views upon Ahmadis. People should not be judged and treated solely on their religious beliefs. I am happy about the fact that most western societies implement a religious freedom law.

The presented article really ties into our Religious Studies 341 class in an exclusive way. In the lecture on Religious Institutions, we were presented with the definition of a Sect. A sect is a group that has separated from its main religion due to the differences in their schools of thought upon that certain religion. Dr. Hexham gave us an insight on how some sects become so powerful that they look like a separate religion themselves. This is what I can see happening to the Ahmadiyya community. In correlation to this article, I believe that the Ahmadiyya community are themselves a religious sect within Islam. That is, for now at least? If you were an Ahmadi, what would you do?



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