The Perfect Fit of Faith and Profession

The Perfect Fit of Faith and Profession


Krista R, Burdine’s story; “Australian Singer Shameem shares Her Baha’i Faith in her music”, World Religion New, Feb 28, 2015 (, informs the reader of the impact that faith can have on an individual’s life, such as in the case of the Australian singer and writer, Shameem.

Shameem is the daughter of an Iranian mother and a Chinese-Malaysian father; she lived in Perth, Australia, for most of her youth. From a young age, Shameem states that “that nobody could put me in a box so they were a little confused by me”, this exclusion, being a consequence of her heritage, enabled her to accept her individuality and take free choices in regards to the direction that her life would take, rather than simply “following the crowd”. The awareness of her personal freedom, ultimately guided her to embark on her musical career.

At the mere age of 15 she freely affirmed the faith of her mother and now attempts to bring the Baha’i faith to the summit of her profession, making it the central theme present in her albums, such as in her newest release; The Second City. Shameem openly admits that the Baha’i faith has played a crucial role in forming her view on humanity. Her musical style; neo-soul enables her to instill in her audience both an ardent feeling of belonging to a global family and a desire for global unity.

It’s astonishing to see, in our present society, a young women with potential, whole heartedly embrace her faith; Baha’i, and be living a perfect unity of life, where her faith and work are perfectly compatible with each other. The story of this young women, gives hope to other young women like myself, enabling us to realise that we too can bring our faith to the summit of our work, and not leave it locked up in our Church for Sundays.

Unfortunately our present society makes it difficult for individuals to practise this unity of life, as Hexam and Poewe point out, it is considered that “Ordinary members of new religions have primal experiences quite frequently” (98) such as with the Unification Church. However, this is not always the case. The vast majority of the lay members of any Church are ordinary individuals, and will not necessarily have a “mystical” experience. Instead of waiting for such experiences to occur, if individuals sincerely embrace their faith they too, like Shameem, should attempt to bring it to the summit of their daily lives.




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