The Chinese Demon Killing Cult

The Chinese Demon Killing Cult

The article written by Carrie Gracie titled “The Chinese cult that kills ‘demons’” BBC News China, August 13th 2014 ( brings to light a horrifying cult in China. In May of 2014, 6 members of the Church of Almighty God, entered a McDonalds restaurant in Zhaoyuan Shandong, seeking phone numbers from the unsuspecting citizens. During the gathering of phone numbers, one lady refused to give up her information. This lady was then beaten to death in the middle of the restaurant as everyone shockingly watched. Threats of the same punishment were made to anyone thinking of trying to help her. Later in prison, one of the six murders Zhang Lidong, showed no remorse or fear for his actions saying “I beat her with all my might and stamped on her too. She was a demon. We had to destroy her.” So what is the Church of the Almighty God and why do its members believe they are killing demons? The Church is one of many banned Christian cults in China claiming to have millions of members and over 400,000 that have been arrested in the last 3 years alone. A core belief of the cult is that God has returned to Earth as a Chinese woman to wreak the apocalypse.

To understand the immense power this cult has over its members you need to read a few examples of their horrific actions first. Wang Jiannan lost his sister and mother the cult over 20 years ago, however he still had his father until October 1st of 2012. On that date, Wang’s sister brutally beat her father the death because she believed he was a demon who needed to be destroyed. Another example is when one man lost his wife and father in law to the cult. This man then went undercover in the cult to try to save them. He described the cult as “anti-family, anti-human, anti-government. It is constantly training its members to lie to their husbands and wives. They throw away family relationships and encourage each other to do the same.” He then goes on to explain how the cult manages to do this by making them compete with the other members “whoever is more resolute in rejecting their family is given a higher rank. It takes people who are kind and makes them crazy and extreme.”

In my opinion this cult is a monster that is using violence to grow. The article explains how the website for the cult is chalked full of propaganda and anti government statements. Since most religions are banned in China, their website encourages people to fight the “big red dragon” that being the Communist party, and doing this through banned religion such as theirs. Every time someone hears of their horrific acts they may check to see what it is. The more exposer the cult has the more it can grow. Perhaps this is why it is as large as it is, or at least claims to be. The article also explains that the cults recruit people in states of weakness such as after the loss of a job or death in the family. During these weak points in someone’s life, the Church could offer salvation and hope that the people desperately seek. Once they have their claws in them, they indoctrinate them into believing their horrible ideals and do their best to control their actions and thoughts by isolating them from the real word. Making them cut ties with their family for higher ranks in the Church. Unfortunately history has shown these tactics to be effective ones and unless the Chinese government really cracks down on the Church, they will most likely continue to grow.




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