Mormon Police Officer discriminates against Gay Pride

Mormon Police Officer discriminates against Gay Pride

“Mormon police officer put on leave over gay pride parade says liberties violated” The Gaurdian 25 February 2015 (

A Salt Lake City police officer was put on leave for not wanting to drive a patrol car leading a gay pride parade several days later he resigned. Officer Eric Moutsos stated that he doesn’t agree with the gay pride parade because it goes against his Mormon faith. The officer requested to be transferred and was labeled as a bigot. He stated he was uncomfortable because it seemed like he was supporting the cause. The police department said that the officer was bringing his personal biases on duty; this hinders his ability to do the job. The officer released a six-page statement through his attorney saying that it’s his job to protect everyone however its not his job to celebrate everyone’s beliefs. He also stated that he has many friends and agrees with 95% of their beliefs. His life drastically changed and he is thinking of filing a lawsuit for being denied his religious right. When an officer throws on a uniform he needs to be very mindful about the language and the actions he choose to present in a public setting. Officer Moutsos could have handled this a lot better and used a less dramatic approach. Officers are always negatively portrayed in the media when they choose to take matter into their own hands regarding a religious or moral issue. Often this backfires and causes out lash by media outlets. Moutsos says that he had his time when he wasn’t religious and he had a journey that causes him to be religious. This sounds like a primal experience he had that causes him to be religious. A Catholic Mary was seen on top of the church in a Muslim country this was an apparition and causes many people to have faith. Just like this Moutsos went through some sort of religious experience, which I respect but it still doesn’t justify going against the line of duty to be discriminatory towards a certain people. Everyone deserves to be treated equally regardless of orientation.



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