Mormon Excommunications

Mormon Excommunications

Brady McCombs: “Mormon man to be shut out of church for opposition website”, The Globe and Mail, January 15, 2015 (

A man by the name John Dehlin is to be excommunicated from the Mormon Church. The reason as stated by the church: apostasy. To elaborate, John Dehlin created a site where Mormons are able to freely discuss their faith and their stories (criticisms being the major factor) known as He also publicly supported same-sex marriage and ordination of women. And because of these reasons the Mormon Church is going to excommunicate John Dehlin. Later in February he was excommunicated as he would not remove any critical content from his website and would not retract his support for same-sex marriage or ordination of women (with emphasis on the supporting what the church does not support).(

A case of excommunication isn’t anything new. We’ve already heard of a few in class. But in this case, would the Mormon Church be justified in its actions? And I believe, to a point, it is justified. In any other organization (religious or otherwise), people who don’t match up with the main ideas of the organization would be responded to swiftly. Regardless of the specific problem, the organization would be obligated to respond because they want to keep things cohesive. And it’s not always resolved as peacefully as it was here. So while it is not ideal, in the eyes of the Mormon Church, excommunication was the best option. But in my mind, the Mormon Church should have addressed the criticisms themselves, rather than the person who had the criticisms. Criticism can keep things honest, and the Mormon Church should have been more willing to dialogue about the issues John Dehlin had with them.



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