France seizes passports of six ‘Syria-bound’ citizens

France seizes passports of six ‘Syria-bound’ citizens

International law and politics in regards to religion can be a stirring subject. Of course there is international laws in place to protect religions and the followers, but with recent terrorist attacks and threats to multiple countries many countries are passing bills to stop pending attacks. BBC news just released the following article: France seizes passports of six ‘Syria-bound’ citizens ( France is a prime example of a country that used the law to seize passports and identity cards because a threat was present or felt from extremist of a Religion. The question becomes should a country be allowed to continue to confiscate peoples’ identity cards based on an assumption of ones religion?

The answer is a solid maybe. When trying to protect the people of a country, different measures should be implemented to protect lives. With the movement of jihadist and the imminent threats to international safety France used the anti-terrorist bill to stop six believed jihadists from boarding their plane. With thousands travel through Turkey to join the ISIS movement the government has made sure that all airports, ports, and agencies can hold and stop travelers for up to 30 days pending investigation. The BBC article speaks about how the recent bill passed by legislation is put forth in order to allow governments to confiscates passports to stop believed jihadist to stop their travels to Syria to join the movements. France is not the only country that has this new law in place many others have passed the same or similar bill to protect their country from an attack or passing through the country.

The jihadist or ISIS the Islamic State movements are giving students of Religion much to analyze. With more and more people of all races joining the movement it can be classified as not only a new Religious movement but also as a cult. Cults such as ISIS, is a group of extremist who put forth a set of rules that are enforced through threats, force, and fear for the non-followers of the religion. As a religious studies student I understand why bills such as the one spoken about in the article by BBC news are being passed. At the same time it can be said that bills such as the one that France has is stripping people of their rights as a person and a citizen based on a thought of being a threat. These bills allow the believed extremist to be stop, but at what cost?



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