End of the world: The 2012 ‘Maya’ prophecy is one of many

End of the world: The 2012 ‘Maya’ prophecy is one of many 

According to the Mayan calendar, the end of the world was December 21, 2012. This BBC article  by Dr. Geoffrey Braswellemphasizes more on what the “end of the world” phenomenon tells us about our own fears, hopes, and beliefs rather than about the ancient culture. It explains what the end of the world believers hope for and why, despite multiple failed predictions, until this day people choose to believe in the same prophecy.


The title of the article says it all, the 2012 ‘Maya’ prophecy was one of the many that have failed. Examples include Millerism who predicted end of the world by October 22, 1844, Johovah’s witness proclaimed the end of the world in 1878, 1881, 1912, 1918, 1925, 1975, the Seventh-Day Adventists, the Waco siege, the Heaven’s Gate, Joseph Keny’s Lord’s Resistance Army, and many more.

This article summarizes exactly what Dr. Hexam discussed during lecture about Millennialism. As discussed in class, the Millennialism movement has five core beliefs: 1.Will be rescued at the end of the world 2. It is Terrestrial (will happen on earth) 3. It is imminent (it can happen at any time) 4. Transformation of life on earth completely. It will be paradise on earth 5. It will be miraculous with the help of supernatural agencies. The correlation is apparent in the article when it states “The end of the world promises believes a chance to be rewarded. For some, the new golden age will begin”.

The five core beliefs of Millennials says a lot about their intensions and what they long for. They believe in the hopes of being rescued from this world, their life on earth, these thoughts derive from the foundation that the world is corrupted and evil. Why is it that Millennials strive and search for something better? Or, better yet why do they search for a new beginning? The belief in paradise on earth after the world comes to an end, after Jesus Christ comes and saves us all from this world. From personal experience of being a Christian my entire life, Christianity is absolutely about the savior Jesus Christ and it is also about the new beginning and starting a new journey. However, the bible does not teach us to look for a new beginning on earth, it does not teach us that we will be saved once the secular world comes to an end. By accepting Jesus Christ as our savor, we’re already saved and we have already been cleansed by the Holy Spirit. We’re ready to walk on the journey with Jesus, we’re not taught to look for a better life outside of earth. There is a purpose why each and every one of us are on earth in the economic, political, social, cultural and environmental circumstances we are in. Every aspect of our lives can be utilized to glorify God and to spread the good news. The examples provided in the article shows their lack of faith in Christ, they’ve caused harm to themselves and the people around them. But the truth is, Jesus teaches us to be part of the solution, not the problem.




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