Middle East Not Ready to be Ruled Again?

The Middle East was ruled by the Ottoman Empire for the longest time. Would the Middle East be any different if the Ottoman Empire still existed? How would you react to its rise, again? President Erdogan of Turkey wants to see the Ottoman Empire re-rise and take control of the Middle East. He strongly believes in the saying: “the fallen shall rise again.” In a recent news article by the Huffington Post, a story has arisen concerning Erdogen’s view of the Ottoman Empire’s revival. Most countries within the Middle East do not agree with Erdogan’s views. They don’t want to be under the rule of an Empire once again. They didn’t want history to repeat itself. Resulting in the fall of the would-be Emperor (Erdogan). Not only does he feel that the Ottoman Empire was a success, he wanted to confirm that Turkey’s future was to be far better than that of the Ottoman Empire. He didn’t want to be like the Ottoman Empire, he wanted to be its successor. Islamists within the Middle East would agree with the revitalization of the Ottoman Empire but with restrictions. They would want to be in control of the religious aspect but the only concern would be the negotiation process with Erdogan. That wouldn’t have been a problem for Erdogan as he is all for Islam. However, his historical accounts and current views upon Islam create a doubt amongst the Muslim scholars. Now the question that lies here is, would Turkey be able to offer a successful model of democracy and religion? According to Erdogan, yes they would. According to the article, it is determined that with Erdogan’s current plan or strategies, Turkey will never become the global power Erdogan dreams about.

We are now in the 21st Century and times have changed. It would be impossible to go back to something that once existed. Sadly, Erdogan does not realize why the Ottoman Empire actually fell in the first place. In my opinion, to re-establish something that is similar to the one that had fallen before would be foolish. In my opinion, the rise of Turkey above all, in this day and age is unlikely. Most countries within the Middle East will not agree with having to be ruled again, after years of freedom and independence. A lot of chaos and commotion would follow. Erdogan’s creation of an empire would backfire hard, hurting him the most. Like the article proves, the would-be emperor would fall even before he even arose. Islam has a history of colonialism and imperialism. Yet, I still feel that the concept of empires have fazed out of context from the Islamic countries today. Saudi Arabia and UAE are the only two that come to mind, when it comes to a sort of empire-like state. In my opinion, the only reason Erdogan had envisioned the future of Turkey as a prevailing empire, was to create political and economic power above all within the Middle East. As stated in the article, that is truly far from becoming a reality at this point in time.

This article ties in really well with the University of Calgary’s Religious Studies 348 class. Dr. Hexham enlightened us with the historical context of Empires and how a religion may tie into them in different ways. In comparison to the article, Dr. Hexham expressed that early empires would be difficult to bring back or re-create. In the 21st century, the thought of creating an empire to rule the Middle East would vanish without question.


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