United States’ hidden hand in Israel (RELS 348)

A response to Ali Jarbawi’s article “Israel’s Colonialism Must End,” The New York Times, 26 January 2015

Over the past few decades, Israel has continuously attempted to conquer Palestine without a favorable outcome. This article delves into what colonialism truly means in this case and how the United States has been indirectly trying to influence the people of Palestine through Israel. The author of the article, Ali, talks about how Israel has been able to continue the mass murders in Palestine for years with the help of its western allies. United States is one of the strongest allies who stand by Israel and continue to support Israel’s racism towards Palestine. The article also quotes two members of Knesset who issue the commands to the Israeli army to attack and occupy Gaza, inconsequently. Ali also states that Israel should be questioned on its future motives to continue its occupation in Palestine.

In class we watched a video of Edward Said, who discusses the indirect colonialism of Unites States through funding Israel. He stated that the United States was the first nation to recognize Israel’s independence. It has continuously been supporting Israel through different means and helping it carry out its military occupation in Gaza for years. I agree with Edward and Ali that without stable help from its allies, mostly the Unites States, Israel would not have been capable of attacking and gradually overtaking Palestine. The population of Palestine is a key obstacle for Israel. In order to obtain their goals, Israel takes extreme and inhumane measures by killing off thousands of Muslims living in the Gaza strip and through Palestine. Most of us would think the whole idea of colonialism should have been practically extinct by the 21st century. The longer Israel tries to get ahold of and take over Palestine, the more extreme and judgmental their measures will become, especially if the target fails to comply.

Israel is considered a high colonial power because they currently own all of the Gaza strip and borders. Through the course of the last couple of years, Israel’s frustration because of the inability to overtake has caused them to completely demonize the religious people of Palestine. On a special note, I completely agree with the concerns that the author raises about allies and the support Israel receives from other countries around the world. Without the funding that America provides, Israel would absolutely be unable to take over Gaza and kill innocent Palestinians and their families. If multiple countries have a say in these events then why is consecutive support offered to Israel but none to Palestine? The question of morals is not only applicable to Israel, but also to the numerous countries that choose to support their actions. Israel must be held accountable for trying to occupy something that doesn’t belong to them and expands their territory based on discrimination and religious racism.

MK #uwreligion


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