The Impact of Colonialism in Palestine (RELS 348)

European colonialism has shown the world that the longer a country is going through a colonial occupation, the more hatred, racism and extremism tend to expand. Ali Jarbawi demonstrates this in his article “Israel Colonialism Must End” New York Times, August 4th, 2014. The article goes on to explain how the occupation of Palestine by Israel is one of the last remaining colonial occupations. A prime example of how colonial occupation tends to provoke further hatred and racism is later demonstrated in the article when it states that many significant Jewish politicians and party members express their hatred by calling Muslim terrorists “snakes” and encouraging concepts such as killing all their mothers so they cant reproduce and produce “little snakes” into our world. Israel over the years has done all it can to prevent Palestine from gaining any national rights and independence. Israel was declared as a country in 1948 and mostly consists of Jews from all over Europe that lacked a home after the Second World War. Since the declaration, Palestine and Israel have been in a constant conflict that continues to today. The article brings up a lot of legitimate arguments on how Israel used its support. This concept of colonialism is further illustrated throughout the book “Marxism and Colonial Cosmopolitanism” by Kris Manjapra, M.N. Roy. Due to colonialism in Palestine by the Israelis, they have constantly been in a state of war and conflict. However, this is only their current relationship and perhaps one day, by the grace of God, this conflict will be resolved.




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