Post-Colonialism Sparks Controversy over New Mayor of Victoria

I agree with this article; “Victoria’s new mayor refuses to swear oath to Queen Elizabeth II — enraging city’s monarchists” along with Lisa Helps, the mayor of Victoria British Columbia, because Helps did not mean to disrespect the Queen of Britain. This article is explaining the controversy of Helps because she did not pledge to the Queen of Britain. The Queen would not have known whether Helps pledged to her, she was offering her respects to the local Songees and Esquimalt First Nations. I do not find it rude that Helps did not pledge to the Queen because, as stated in the article, 5/9 of the council members also did not pledge allegiance. I respect Helps decision because she is the mayor of Victoria and her first priority is to make sure that the citizens feel safe with her making decisions. Also this will lead to the people of Victoria co-operating and supporting Helps future decisions as mayor. In order to fulfill her duties to the citizens of Victoria she did not oath, because it was not in the best interest of her job.

This article has close ties with colonialism because even though Canada is no longer a colony, it is still loyal to Britain. It is evident that a lot of the monarchists in Victoria believe that Helps not pledging to the Queen is a big issue, to the extent of not voting for her if they had this information prior to the vote of mayor. I find this quite confusing and it even seems like the Monarchists to be quite extreme because they would change their vote for the person they believe should run their city, simply because Helps will not pledge. This clearly demonstrates how much of an effect the former British Empire had, and continues to have, on Canada. It is evident that Canada is still under the influence of Britain because of the obvious fact that Britain is the head of Canada’s government, even all MLAS must “pledge to be faithful and bear a true allegiance”. The province, Quebec, has also pledged allegiance. This is a thought-provoking event because the Parti Québécois is a separatist party, with the main ambition to be independent from Canada, and therefore out of the British Monarch. The notion of the Parti Québécois pledging to the Queen reminds me of the Religious Studies 348 class and how we learned that Gandhi was the Great Contrarian because even though he was against the British Empire, he still really liked it.

This article is really interesting because it shows how history is uni-disciplinary. In order to understand how the world works today, society needs to analyze the history and then draw conclusions. For instance if you just look at the article as it is now, it seems bizarre that citizens of a different country would feel so uncomfortable is their mayor will not pledge to another country’s Queen. But if we look at the issue in depth and at the history, we see the great impacts that an empire has on its colonies. This impact can also draw parallels with religion. In order to understand a religion, you need to understand its roots and how it has evolved. An example would be from in class when Catholics were not allowed to eat meat on Fridays, but now that restriction is lifted.

Overall I agree with Lisa Helps and her stance with not pledging to Queen Elizabeth II because it would be disrespectful to the first nations and this would negatively influence the efficiency of her job as mayor by not having their co-operation in the city of Victoria’s future decisions.

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