More from RELS 348: Empire, Colonialism, and Religion

A response to Charlotte Lytton’s story “Boko Haram is just as vicious. Why does the Islamic State get all the headlines?The Washington Post. January 30 2015.

Lytton’s piece on the lack of coverage on the Boko Haram crisis in Nigeria is a small but lethal truth, a global issue that continues to hide in the shadows of the crisis in the Middle-East. The point Lytton makes; that most Westerners are concerned with their own national priorities and safety is an obvious statement. However the statement made by Obama that America will ‘do their part to prevent mass atrocities and protect basic human rights’ is a phony statement from a part of the world that, if only half of the combined resources were put forth in relief support, could end something as heinous as the kidnapping of over 200 children. The West and the East should be covering the crisis in Nigeria day and night in hopes of supressing the extremists, if not for human rights than for the rights of the children; who, because of a global state of religious and political conflict already set in society by their elders, and essentially us, were robbed of their innocence in a global fight for power they have no way of even comprehending. We all have a global responsibility to children and if the Boko Haram were trending in the media instead of the Middle-East hate propaganda constantly in the spot-light, then maybe more international care could be initiated. This is not to say that this crisis is ‘harsher’ than a crisis occurring elsewhere in the world, but it is saying something about the all too western obsession with the Mid-East.



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