Saudi Arabia: Why no equality between men and women?

This article brings forth the most important issue in today’s society. Saudi Arabia, a notorious Muslim country which has established many laws that seem to oppress women, and limit their rights, with the claim that it is in the name of Islam. “King Abdullah bin Abdul Aziz of Saudi Arabia has taken on the task of reforming the religious establishment so that it is more compatible with society’s development and the requirements of the modern world.” This statement from the article shows some initiative taken by the Saudi Government. The King has appointed new ministers to important sections such as health, education and justice. However, what the king fails to realize is that the country can never become fully established without equal rights to men and women. As of this moment, women aren’t allowed to drive, or vote, or burst in the pleasure of wearing what they please. The sad thing is that Islamic extremist like these give a bad name to Islam and what it stands for. It is stated in the Quran that men and women are equal in the eyes of Allah (SWT). Often religion and culture are interchanged and misconceptions being to arise. What is happening in Saudi Arabia, is not the same as what happens in Egypt, which is completely different from Lebanon’s rules and regulations. Each country stand for something different, and each religion can be followed to different extents. It is frustrating when a religion is misunderstood for something it is not, due to the misguided views of the media and the outside world (i.e. non-Muslim communities.)


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