Hipster Churches: Moving Away from the Traditional

Hipster Churches: Moving Away from the Traditional

I have chosen an article written by Annie Gaus called “Hipster churches in Silicon Valley: evangelicalism’s unlikely new home,” The Guardian, 29 January 2015 which can be accessed at this link (http://bit.ly/1CUO3j4). To summarize the article addresses the rise of several large Protestant denominations in the San Francisco County over recent years and what these denominations are doing to grow. From what can be read in the article it seems that in the Bay Area the successful ministries are the ones straying farther and farther away from traditional church practices and topics of sermon. These successful ministries seem to be adapting their topics of sermon and church practices with the ever changing society. An example of traditional church practices being changed to adapt to current times that was mentioned in the article was the substitution of meal fasting for “Netflix fasting”. I chose this article because I believe it relates well to our study of the new religious movements. More specifically I feel it relates well to our study of how new religious movements draw in followers especially when they are just beginning to build and establish themselves. I found it interesting to read how the denominations in San Francisco are really adapting their topics of sermon and community practices to match those of the current times. I believe it’s understandable to do this especially when you’re a church trying to establish yourself in places like San Francisco where the average age demographic of the population is in the young adult phase where things like Netflix and Social Networking are at the core of daily life. To conclude I think it is interesting how these up and coming churches are incorporating things such as social networking into their teachings and have found a unique way to draw in new members to their churches.


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