Ahmadiyya- Part of Islamic world or not?

Ahmadiyya- Part of Islamic world or not?



Ahmadiyya an Islamic new religious movement, started in the Sub-continent around the end of 19th century by Mirza Guhlam Ahmad, is in present times gaining a lot of opposition and hatred from the Muslim world. An example of which can be seen in a recent article, ‘Pakistan’s silent partition’ by Zehra Abdi, published on Al-Jazeera America website on January 27, 2015. (http://america.aljazeera.com/articles/2015/1/27/pakistani-ahmadis-seek-asylum-in-sri-lanka.html) The article specifically talks about Pakistan, that how it’s legislation and people treat Ahmadis in general, supporting her case with various stories.

From the beginning of the Ahmadiyya movement, Muslims around the world considered Ahmadis as non-Muslims, and the main reason lies in the difference basic beliefs. I will introduce you to some of these difference for a better understanding. The main difference is the Interpretation of the finality of Prophet Muhammad. In Quran, Allah bestowed Prophet Muhammad with the title of “Khatam-al-Nabiyyin”(the Seal of Prophets). Ahmadis believe that prophet hood will continue, but that there will never be any new law-bearing prophet after the Prophet Muhammad. Another important difference is on the coming of the promised Messiah. All Muslims believe that in the latter days a Reformer would appear and restore the religion of Islam to its former glory. There are many Hadith which refer to the coming of the Reformer. This Reformer is referred to by various titles in the Hadith, such as “Messiah,” “Mahdi” and “Jesus, son of Mary.”  For example, according to Sahih al-Bukhari4:55:658 Prophet Muhammad said:

“How will you be when the son of Mariam descends among you and your Imam is from among you.”

Ninian Smart’s Doctrinal and philosophical dimensional model, which refers to a systematic formulation of religious teachings in an intellectually coherent form (http://bit.ly/1CPUVMx) can be used here for a better understanding of this clash between Ahmadis and Muslims. As there are differences in the basic belief system due to which Muslims in Pakistan, according to the article deny to accept Ahmadis as Muslims.

I believe that the author is being biased as she has only presented only the struggles of Ahmadis in Pakistan and is skipping the fact that Pakistan’s first Nobel Prize winner Abdus Salam belonged to Ahmadiyya movement and also the first foreigner minister of Pakistan Zafarullah Khan was also an Ahmadi. To me it seems like the author is of the article is not presenting an objective view. In the article it is also mentioned that in 1974 a second amendment to the Pakistani constitution was passed, it did said that Ahmadiyya community is not considered Muslim as per the law. But they never stopped them from their religious freedom or stopped them from performing their religious activities. Apart from that Pakistan is not the only Muslims country that considers Ahmadis as a non-Muslim. Even Gambia claims that Ahmadis are not Muslims (http://allafrica.com/stories/201501262078.html)

In conclusion that main purpose of this is to say that injustice is happening with Ahmadis, as they are human being. But media in present times is only portraying the negative things, as good things are also happening for Ahmadis too which media fails to present.




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