Nigeria Elections: Mixing Religion and Politics

Nigeria Elections: Mixing Religion and Politics

BBC News

Promising Presidential Candidates: A Race based upon Religion


Religion and politics seem to go hand in hand with majority religions trying to oppress the minorities. Articles highlight politics and religion such as the one written by Will Ross titled “Nigeria elections: Mixing religion and politics” BBC News, 28 January 2015 ( With recent elections coming up in Nigeria for a new President the country is torn between not only picking a new leader, and deciding what faith should represent their country.  Christian vs. Muslim, in a presidential race both promises something bright for the future of Nigeria, but neither promising Religious freedom.


Residents of Nigeria are hoping for a President that can take the country back to the days where people could co-exist and live in peace. The Politicians listed in the article are using not only recent bloodshed, but also the lack of knowledge that resident have of each religion and exploiting difference to gain more votes.


By looking at the article by Ross and cross comparing the large points as a student of religion I thought to ask; is Christianity in Nigeria a cult? Is it when followers of the Religion become seemingly less knowledgeable does it make them subjects for the cult? From this particular article it could be said the Muslim religion is a cult or sub group of Nigeria. James T. Richardson definition of a cult is that it’s “a group that has beliefs and/ or practices that may also be in opposition to those of a subculture” (Hexham, 1987, p. 6). With that definition I believe that Nigeria is a country in which Muslim people are part of a cult of the new movement that seeks to over power Christians.


False teachings or false knowledge is causing a dangerous battle in Nigeria. With Politicians running for the next Presidential spot an easy way to gain support is through power, money, and exploitation of religion.


– 101M #uwreligions


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