Mexico Arrests Over La Santa Muerte Cult Killings

Mexico Arrests Over La Santa Muerte Cult Killings

Mail Online, March 2012


Originated in Mexico, the La Santa Muerte group, also known as Holy Death, has rapidly grown

in the last 20 years. The cult has accumulated up to two million followers gathering in order to

celebrate death. The group places great importance on the dead and has used human sacrifices as

a ritual for the dead. There have been three victims in this incidence, two of which were young

ten-year-old boys and a woman. These killings started in 2009 as most of the arrests belonged to

the family of the victims. The deceased were alive as they had their veins cut open and bled to

death. Their blood was then collected and poured around an alter of the cult’s “Skeleton Idol”.

The victimized woman had the reputation of a witch, which triggered her murder.

The cult believes that Santa Muerte, who is represented through a woman skeleton, will save

their souls and bring her followers into the afterlife (Whittington, 2014). She is represented as a

“saint for sinners” (Whittington, 2014), giving the cult followers reasons to commit these crimes

without remorse. They believe that their criminal offences are seen as sacrifices to their leader in

order to live a better life in the future. They are extremely worried about the afterlife due to the

sins they have committed in the past, yet they do not realize the sins they are currently involved

in. These cult followers are willing to do whatever it takes in order to avoid judgement at their

death. These people blindly comply with these traditions and rituals because they feel that these

leaders have the answers that they are looking for (Hexham, 2015).



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