China’s Church of the Almighty God

Church of the Almighty God: Chinese Cult that kills Demons

In May, 2014, a government banned religious cult called the Church of the Almighty God had six members enter a simple fast food restaurant in the attempt to recruit new members to their Christian cult. Moving from table to table asking for phone numbers in their recruiting process, it was unknown what consequences would be held if one refused to provide their personal details. Eventually the consequences would unfold and unfortunately it was the ultimate value of life. After refusing to give her phone number to the cult members, they beat her to death in the domain of the fast food restaurant by the witnesses of multiple families and individuals looking for a quick meal. Although this example of the cults devotion to religion is in the public realm, it also exists in the private and to those who have lost their family to the cult. One man who went undercover to save his wife and father-in-law stated that:

“ The cult is anti-family, anti-human, anti-government. It is constantly training its members to lie to their husbands and wives. They throw away family relationships and encourage each other to do the same.”

On October 1, 2013, Wang Jiannan lost both his sister, mother, and father to the cult. His sister beat their father to death and his mother is a member of the cult. Both the murders in the given examples shared the same purpose, the belief that they were demons.  These murders have led to nearly 400,000 arrests that share the same context. Although those individuals believe that they are ridding of demons and doing so for the sake of religious beliefs, it is still a criminal offence. To these members of the cult, it can be seen as the debate over deterrence, the efficacy of the costs and the benefits. The costs of being caught versus the benefits of doing whatever it is necessary to obtain what is desired. Usually this debate is under the context of physical things, some sort of property. However, it can also relate to the desire of spiritual things. Thus the cult offers a direct route to salvation through the ridding of demons. The cost is temporary physical life and the benefit is eternal spiritual life. It seems that the charismatic experiences are the principle concerns of these cult members, and that these are intense experiences of facing demons that defy rational explanation. These characteristics fall under the primal core, they shock those who experience them and bring about a change in their attitude towards the material world (Hexham: 2011).





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