Women Say Scientology Forced Them to Have Abortions


Church of Scientology, founded in Los Angeles in the 50’s by a science fiction writer L. Ron Hubbard is being sued for forced abortion of two former members of the organization. Illustrating an act that clearly violates the labor laws. The two former members explains how the church threatened the consequences if the abortion did not take place and therefore said to be an “inevitable” incident. They were told to believe what they were doing was for the betterment of the bigger world.

People join and leave new religious movements on their own free will, but during their spiritual journey I believe that individuals can be pressured and persuaded to make decisions that are in the favor of the church. These women certainly made a sane decision to be part of Scientology, however I believe that they were convinced to believe that abortion was the right decision to make. They most likely believed that it will be beneficial not only to them but to the rest of the world. In other words, they were brainwashed. The mental and emotional destruction of the abortion only came into their consciousness after they left the group leading to law suits years after the abortion took place. At the time of the abortion, it didn’t occur to them that aborting a wanted child was morally wrong. Instead, they were brainwashed to believe that the lives they’re trying to change in this world had more value compared to the “tiny speck of nuisance”. These women, at the time, believed that having this child will take away the resources they could invest into the church. Similar to what Flo Conway and Jim Siegelman believed to be “Snap-ping”, these women were “snapped” in their minds while they were psychologically unstable. Towards the end, they realized the time and money sacrificed for the church added no value to their lives. They eventually left the group on their free will, hence why it took them a long period of time. In their cases, hiring a deprogrammer (exit counselling) may have worked out for their best interest. The official website of Scientology states that they help people improve their lives and help find the right answers. Maybe we’ll never find out the motive behind the forced abortion until we can afford the cost to become a member and find out the “right answers”. From this article, it seems as if the only “right answers” to the world problems are the answers to solve their problems.




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