American Hijab: Why My Scarf is a Sociopolitical Statement, Not a Symbol of My Religiosity

American Hijab: Why My Scarf is a Sociopolitical Statement, Not a Symbol of My Religiosity

In the Islamic faith, women have the choice of wearing a headscarf, or a hijab because it is a way that they establish that they are Muslim, and show self-respect and respect to their culture. In the article, women who wear the hijab are described as being successful, intelligent, and standing for their identity as Muslim women.

In the media, Muslims are often depicted negatively and this causes some Muslims to try to change the way that people perceive them. Muslim women choose to wear a hijab because of socio-political reasons and the media because they want to get away from the misconceptions presents this.

The girl from the article states that as a Muslim, she wouldn’t really get away from the stereotypes were set out for her, however, she realized that she could reconstruct the way that she is perceived as a Muslim. By wearing the hijab, she is establishing that she is proud of her culture by creating a different identity of herself and choosing to be different. The media often portrays the Muslim religion to be negative, violent, and oppressive but that is not true, the fact is that a small proportion of Muslims in the world are portraying acts of violence, which is not what Islam teaches Muslims to do. So considering that Islam speaks of mercy and peace, the small amount of Muslims that are oppressive and show acts of violence causes the media to show all Muslims to be like that. The article suggests that Muslim women not only wear a hijab for religious reasons but it is also to show their identity as intelligent, independent, and successful women. By choosing to be different and showing their identity, they are showcasing that just because there are stereotypes and negative views on them by the “west”, they can be changed.

In order to change the way people may see you and label you as being different, you need to embrace your differences at first and make sure that you are proud of your identity and are going to represent who you are in your society. Like the woman from the article did with the hijab, she decided to be different and embrace it before anyone could label and judge her.


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