Another Canadian Falls to ISIS

Another Canadian Falls to ISIS

ISIS has released another video and once again it is featuring a Canadian turned ISIS believer. This time it features a very much Caucasian man sporting Muslim attire. According to a former friend of the man, who was identified as John Maguire, he seemingly turned to Islam upon arrival back into Canada after attending school in Southern California. His former friend also stated that he was very active in the music scene and played in punk rock band. In the video John, or Abu Anwar al-Canadi as he calls himself, states that he too grew up playing ice hockey but according to CBC News senior correspondent Adrienne Arsenault said is a line ISIS has been using in its attempts to appeal to Canadians. And apparently it is working. In the video he states that he is a part of a circle of people from Ottawa who have left Canada to fight with extremist groups or have social media profiles that are filled with ISIS propaganda.  In other media postings Abu Anwar says he is going to receive the “reward of jihad” and “the opportunity for martyrdom.” At one point he even refers to Canada as “evil.” When I read that he referred to Canada as “evil”, I was absolutely blown away. To call the place that you live evil, which does not discriminate your religion is so ignorant. This is coming from the man who flew to a place where they kill people who refuse to convert to Islam or pursue the activities of these so-called “Jihadists” is astonishing. Especially coming from a man who was apparently extremely intelligent and on scholarships for his academics. He then goes on to threaten Canada that if they do not stop their attacks and association with the US on their missions, they’ll attack more Canadians. Then what? Oh yea, the Canadian military and all of its allies will keep on killing the people who are influencing this terrible mindset on people. They need to realize that, as they as they keep making these threats, the US and Canada and all of their allies, will not stop. IT goes to show the brain washing effect that the ISIS group has on some people and hopefully it comes to a rest soon.


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