Religious Tolerance in Muslim History

Religious Tolerance in Muslim History

This article that I found on the Religious tolerance in Muslim history, gives insight directly about how anyone who is Muslim or who is not, should not be judging or wanting to change there beliefs. We should want to learn and understand other religions and accept people for whichever faith they decide to follow. This article talks about how Islam faith has taught and always wanted people to respect the beliefs of others, and how “those who teach otherwise, Muslim or not, are distorting the message of Islam”. This article speaks for Muslims when saying how they are no more or no less perfect then anyone else in any other religion. I do agree with this statement in how they are letting other people in different religions know that they should not be judged for there beliefs. Yes, there are different forms of a faith and different extremes but in my opinion and looking at religions at a general point of view every religion should have the ability, and freedom to believe what they want and to feel free in expressing there faith in a respectful way.  To me this article went back and forth with me agreeing and disagreeing. At one point in the article is stated “Islam is perfect and it has existed since the beginning of time” I feel as though this statement may come across as being disrespectful to people of other religions. This article to me has a lot to be spoken about and many opinions and topics of discussions can be made from it but overall I feel as though I can make an opinion in terms of saying I hope and believe that all religions should be able to feel like they can be followed and the people who are following these religions should not be judged or feel lower then anyone else due to there faith.



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