Isis World View 

Isis World View

In this blog I shall be discussing the Islamic world view of ISIS. This is by far one of the most disturbing world views that I have ever come across. The reason for this is how ISIS is going about trying to impose their Islamic world views on the Middle Eastern countries. Upsetting how this is group has only resorted to absolute violence, hostage kidnapping and murder to impose their views on the Middle East. When we compare their views on the Islamic views we learnt in class we clearly can see that this is not the way they wanted to impose their religion on people and the world. Then we look at the “new map” that ISIS wants to see, they pretty much are willing to do anything to get what they want which is a very large portion of south Asia and northern parts of Africa that are dominantly Muslim. This acts of terrorism haven’t reached levels like these since the 9/11 attacks. This world view scares many we as a world have to put an end to ISIS otherwise this could drastically alter our world as we know it. The level of extreme that ISIS is going to have their way is enormous but, we cannot give into their threats we must push aside the scare they have created in order to come out in victory. Their views on Islam are not the way that they should be portraying the Islamic people. We have to remember though that not to racial profile all Muslims cause this could cause more problems within the world that we already have. To summarize this, this is not the view of the world that most Muslims behave towards and we should not judge people by what other Muslims do.




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