By-products of Religion and a much bigger issue

By-products of Religion and a much bigger issue

The article that I choose to write about is a hate crime that happened in Kansas City which resulted in the death of a fifteen year old boy. A man deliberately hit this boy with his car and fled, but later was apprehended by law enforcement. The man who hit the boy claimed that he thought it was someone that had threatened him earlier, but there are eye witnesses saying that the man had threatened the boy days before the incident occurred.  The victim was Muslim and very involved in his mosque; on Thursday, the boy led prayers and was killed later that same day. Members of the community spoke on the boy’s behalf, stating how the boy was very intelligent and loved by his peers.

It seems like within the past years more and more normal people have been acting out immorally and are using their religious beliefs as an excuse for it. Now more than ever religion has been taking out of context and not being understood with the original intentions. Historically I believe religions were created with the intention of bringing people piece of mind and spiritual fulfilment; however it seems that an increasing number of people are beginning to use religion as a means of “outranking” those with different beliefs.  The attacker is affiliated with the Christian faith, which is the largest religion in the world. This goes to show that even the most well-known religions can be misinterpreted.

Unfortunately religion is beginning to be a convenient excuse for these outrageous behaviours; but I believe they real issue is within the people themselves. Religious principles and texts have been unchanged for centuries, yet these new individuals are basing their new, radical behaviours on these pre-existing principles. I believe that religion, itself, is not to blame for these tragedies; rather, misinterpretations of religious principles have caused certain individuals to sacrifice their own rational, moral, and humanitarian values. When reading the article I was very sad to hear about the boy, but also just sad that there’s still so much hate towards other religions in the United States. The man probably didn’t know the fifteen year old boy all that much, but because of the boys beliefs he was targeted.  For a tragedy like this to happen in a country that prides itself to be “the land of the free” this type of event clearly demonstrates the disconnect between what should be happening and what is.




2 thoughts on “By-products of Religion and a much bigger issue

  1. I agree with you on this one, I think that religion serves a great purpose and can enrich peoples lives with meaning, this is why I understand why people are religious even though I myself am not. My problem however is when people use religion as an excuse to not think about what they are doing or to be held responsible for their actions. If someone uses Christianity to bash gay people or suppress gay marriage and their only reason for doing so is “because the bible says its a sin” is just downright idiotic and wrong. I think people need to stop using archaic religious beliefs to back up their own dark desires and start using religion for what it was originally created for, to teach love and compassion for your fellow man.

  2. By-Products of Religion and a Much Bigger Issue

I agree with this blog post author’s belief that religions were created to provide people with comfort as to the mysteries as what lies after death, and all people are entitled to the right to belief in whatever sort of god or afterlife that they choose. But it is with this understanding that it still baffles me as to how people of any religion are able to justify senseless violence such as the kind displayed from this article, based on their religion (or based on a disbelief of another religion). It is my belief that religion’s function is provide believers comfort and an understanding of world (based on their form of deity), and nothing more. Now whether or not this man hit this Muslim boy with his car because of his religious beliefs could be up for debate, but the issue it raises is still relevant and warrants discussion. The false societal association that Muslims have gained to terrorism truly saddens me, especially when related to hate crimes such as this. If all people committed hate crimes based upon the previous acts of violence by a select group, then white people should be living much more fearfully. Religion is an incredibly diverse concept and because of everyone’s right to practice it, too often does it become involved in issues that it otherwise has no place in (such as politics, crime and war). In hate crimes such as this, too often is religion used as a lazy crutch to justify acts of racism and ignorance to other cultures.

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