Archbishop of Westminster shocked by effects of Gaza war

Archbishop of Westminster shocked by effects of Gaza war

This article from the Guardian discussed the Archbishop of Westminster visit to the Gaza strip and his impressions about the war. During his visit, he saw the destruction caused this summer, and the article discusses this shock. The area has a bad economy caused by the war damaged building, the economy means that the areas inhabitant are unlikely to stay. In the article, the archbishop of Westminster highlights that he hopes his trip will inform the public and help end the war.

In class, we discussed the role of Israel as the holy land in the bible. In the Torah, the land is promised to three patriarchs of the Jews. Israel is supposedly this same land. While the Jews claim the land, it is also holy to Christians and Muslims. Both Archbishop of Westminster and Pope Francis, important leader in Christianity, have been saddened by the damaged cause by the conflict between Hamas and Israel.  According to the New York Times, violence has increased as Israel seeks retribution for the three Israeli settlers who were kidnapped even though the Israelis apparently knew they were already dead.

Like all conflict, the Gaza war harms the people who happen to live in that area. Archbishop of Westminster should have expected damage and distribution, regardless of its holy status. The damage of Gaza is no different than in Iraq or Missouri. It can take a long time to rebuild and return. Five billion pounds is needed for reconstruction and it appears that Archbishop of Westminster is seeking donation for the terrible condition.

The archbishop of Westminster’s visit highlights the importance of the location to Christians. It also demonstrates the irony of religious war. While Muslims, are fighting for this holy land, they are making it unlivable. Despite its importance, both groups are willing to destroy it. Archbishop of Westminster mentions the traumatized children of the area which reflects the trauma done to the area. Children in the “holy land” are innocent and forgotten, he states “an orphanage caring for dozens of traumatized children, some of whom had been given up by parents unable to care for them”.

The true irony of the Gaza war is that men are fighting on holy land in wars that are contrary to their fundamental beliefs “Thou shall not kill”.



One thought on “Archbishop of Westminster shocked by effects of Gaza war

  1. I think that your blog asks many valid questions about the fate of the Middle East. Myself, a firm believer in democracy, wonders why Palestinian people who claim refugee status under UNWRA, and receive over $1.1 billion dollars in funding under UNWRA in 2013 alone, cannot afford to rebuild buildings, or for civilians to take care of their children. I believe it is time that we stop blaming Israel and start looking at the leadership that the Palestinian people have elected to run them. Hamas, a recognized terror organization, is the government of the Palestinian people. Children are brought up being taught to hate the Jews, not Israelis, but Jews. The Israeli army has one of the lowest civilian causality rates of any army in the world. Attacks are carefully planned out so that the Palestinian population is not effected.
    I also think we need to understand the plight of Israeli citizens, Muslims, Jews, and Christians. Is if fair to claim that in the Democratic country of Israel, citizens are oppressed by their governments? There are Muslims and Christians that fight along Jews in the Israeli military, all religions serve in the Israeli Knesset as well. Would that ever happen in “Palestine” under “Hamas” government? If we are going to paint Israel as the aggressor, I think that it is only fair to paint Palestine and Palestinians with the same brush. After all, Israelis could do what the Arabs have done to them and perform an ethnic cleansing. They could even start with terror attacks on the Muslim Holy sites like the Muslim radicals did to Jews in Israel only a few weeks ago, murdering 5 people, 4 of which were Rabbi’s praying. Maybe if Israel did this we could then compare the orphans left over from the deceased innocent Israelis, and the Palestinian children who have been orphaned by their parents.
    If there will be an end to death in the Holy Land, people are going to have to move on from the hatred that they hold so close to them, closer then the religious doctrines teaching us not to kill.

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