Fame and fortune put to good use.

Fame and fortune put to good use.


     The winner of The Amazing Race Canada reality television show is putting his new found fame and fortune into a positive use. The Amazing Race Canada is a reality television show based off the American version that has teams of two Canadians race around the world competing in challenges in the hope to win $250000, two vehicles and unlimited air travel for a year with Air Canada. Tim Hague Sr.’s team won the 2014 race. After he won him and his family decided to travel to Colombia to visit the child they had been sponsoring for many years. The child they were sponsoring is now seventeen years old and had just learnt about Hague’s Parkinson’s disease. She was very upset that she was not told about the disease. She made a huge statement that changed Hague’s perspective. She told him that the news should have been shared to all family members and that she should have been told. This made Hague realize that family extends further than just blood relatives. It includes the ones you love and care for. Hague is a Christian and plans to spread this message to every church in Manitoba. He want to spread how sponsoring a child can not only change their lives but can also change your life.

     I believe that no matter what Religious world view you have, family and love is also important. Although many religious world views do not see eye to eye in many aspects and beliefs, family and love for family is one thing they all have in common. Whether you are Christian, Muslim, Hindu or any other religious worldview family will always be important. Hague’s message can change the lives of any religious or non religious individual in a positive way. It can allow this person to realize that everyone can set aside their differences to help out one another and to grow your family and expand your love. Hague’s sponsor child wants to become a doctor to help her sick sibling. This is a display of how important family is. You will do anything to protect them so every religious worldview should be able to set aside their differences in order to protect their blood family, extended family and loved ones. Fighting with violence or any other forms of fighting is not the way that whatever god you believe in wanted things. By loving your family and allowing other into your family is allowing peace. Setting aside your differences and listening to the stories other religious world views have to share is allowing peace. Hague and his sponsored child are now a lot closer after the lesson that she taught him. This lesson is something important that he hopes everyone will learn and he hopes to be able to share it with as many people as he possibly can.

EAC #200


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