The Proposition of Jewish Based Laws in Israel

Israel is a nation that was built by the Jewish and has always been a nation for the Jewish. There is no doubt that current law reflects the Jewish religion because the state has always been dominantly Jewish. The issue now is that the government wants to redefine Israel as “a nation state of the Jewish people, enhance the role of traditional Jewish law, and limit rights of non-Jewish citizens”. This change would mean that equality would be taken out and democracy would be placed second to Jewishness. The bill was rejected by 2 out of 5 people so it was changed to propose that it will be a “Jewish AND democratic state”. The government thinks that they need to target two issues: “needing the Palestinian president to recognize Israel as a Jewish state and for autonomy to be reached”.

If this bill was to be passed many problems would arise. It is stated in the article that the problems could include: “non-Jews, women and homosexuals being powerless to discrimination, speed up Israel’s transformation into another Middle Eastern religious state, spread the violence between Gaza and East Jerusalem into more of Israel, create hatred and mistrust between Jewish and Arabs and enthusiasm for Jewish nationalism could destroy Zionism (the last time the Zealot’s failure led to 2000 years of Jewish exile)”.

This bill is made to restrict the rights of all people who are non-Jewish and living in Israel. Even with the change of wording to include “Jewish and democracy”, it is still made clear that the minority will be undermined. Even though Israel has always been a state surrounded by Judaism, making concrete laws limiting rights to non- Jews is a whole separate spectrum. Segregation will develop even more than has already been developed. It is promoting a national hatred towards groups which can have catastrophic effects.

Israel is a country that has always mixed religion and politics. They were founded on the idea of Judaism and have flourished as a nation based off of it. Taken from this standpoint, has the mixing of religion and politics ever really been a problem for them? Based off of just looking at Israel as a nation I would say no. They are predominantly Jewish anyway so no problems have ever arisen. What this has done as a result though is restricted the flow of multiculturalism in Israel. It is obvious of course that multiculturalism is not something that Israel wants to achieve anyway but it is the goal of the world as a whole. It is a main goal because it promotes acceptance and equality for all people. It doesn’t single people out because of their religion or race but rather by them just being a fellow human being. This kind of equality across the world would catapult us into what I think the future should be like. The division of religions like this is creating boundaries to the steps we are supposed to be making towards a unified world in the future.

It is unclear as to whether this bill will be passed or not but it will be interesting to see what version of the bill will be put into place (if at all). Is this bill just talk and the government is too scared to actually put it into place or is this a bill that citizens should start to be seriously concerned with? Only time will be able to tell us the answer to those questions.

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