The Muslim Faith and Western Struggles.

:The Muslim Faith and Western Struggles.

Below is a link to a video interview discussing a similar topic:

Terrorism has been an ongoing global discussion; what must be done to combat modern security threats such as terrorism? These discussions often escalate into finger pointing and the generalization that only Muslim individuals and Muslim states are to be blamed for these international and domestic terror threats. Although the majority of terror incidents in the last decade have directly or indirectly related to Islam or the Middle East, to generalize an entire geographic region or religion as terrorists is an unacceptable inaccuracy. The extremist Islamic groups that plan and carry out these attacks are not only targeting Western, Asiatic, and European populations, but fellow Muslims throughout the Middle East. This is not a one-size fits all issue. Extremist groups like ISIS, ISIL and the Taliban have had a detrimental impact on Muslims around the world. Although these groups claim to be following Allah’s orders and protecting their faith, the majority of the Muslim community, both domestic and international, disagree with what these extremist groups are doing in the name of Islam. Pre and post 9/11 discussions pertaining to security have been Middle Eastern based; however, there needs to be a shift in attention, away from the Muslim faith and a greater focus on the individuals orchestrating these attacks. Though there might not be a direct stereotype that all Muslims are terrorists, there seems to be an everlasting stigma among Westerners especially, that devoted Muslims are a threat to security in some form or another. In recent months, Canada has seen multiple domestic attacks on national monuments, as well as the targeting of individuals of national importance such as police or military personnel. The individuals responsible for these attacks have all had some tie to extremist groups like ISIS. Incidents similar to these cannot be rounded off into a discussion of faith, as these are sleeper cells, committing individual terrorist attacks. Yet these isolated attacks continue to bring the faith of Islam into question and debate amongst Westerners. It must also be noted that while these question are being asked, Muslims are paying the ultimate price. Devoted Muslims around the world are not only in fear of attacks from these extremist groups, but also to practice the very religions these extremist groups claim to be safeguarding and protecting. Many Western discussions seem to focus directly on security with the derivative of this being Islam. Although these extremist groups are protecting their faith, Islam as a worldview does not condone this and it’s the people who practices Islam that are paying the heavy price. This unfortunate reality has been in debate and it seems that regardless of what is agreed upon, there is no visible change to the treatment or the stigma attached to Muslims.

Hunter Scott




One thought on “The Muslim Faith and Western Struggles.

  1. I enjoyed reading your objective blog post on this article, as it is about an issue that has been of serious concern to Muslim Canadians over the past decade, and especially these last few months. I feel that the struggle that Muslims will have in society from now on will be quite the uphill battle, and that is very unfortunate for an entire group of people who have done nothing wrong as Canadians, or even Muslims for that matter! I appreciated the video link you provided, it added to your argument that: “devoted Muslims around the world are not only in fear of attacks from these extremist groups, but also to practice the very religions these extremist groups claim to be safeguarding and protecting.” This is a very accurate description for the current times, and I find it disgusting that a group of people are unable to feel safe practicing their faith simply because they run the risk of being rejected by the community. People need to be aware of the fact that acts of terrorism is not in the Islamic faith; Muslims are in the same boat as Christians and Jews here, however society is to ignorant to see so. Your blog post does a great job at advocating that the believers of Muslim religion is not what should be associated with the terrorist action; it’s the individual person who should.

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