Synagogue attack triggers the potential for a religious war …

An article published by BBC on November 18th of this year describes yet another act of terrorism in Jerusalem by the Palestine and this time it may lead to war. On the stairs leading into the Kehillat Bnei Torah synagogue two Palestinian cousins armed with a meat-clever and a gun killed four rabbis, three of which held dual US-Israeli passports and one with a dual UK-Israeli passport.
Palestine is a traditionally Muslim state and although many of Palestinian people practice Sunni Islam (a branch off of the Islamic belief system) they still recognize the teachings of the Qur’an and it is not a far leap to becoming a jihadist. With Jihadist’s political religion shadowing Palestine there is much potential for such extremists to neighbor Jerusalem – it is no wonder there has been a terrorist attack. The United States has definitely assumed that these Rabbis were selected because they held dual citizenship with Western countries based on previous terrorist acts and that Jihadists preach death to Westerners. The article states that Obama has already declared that, “there is and can be no justification for such attacks on innocent civilians.”

Another issue here is that both the Jerusalem and the Palestinian states are highly religious and the city of Jerusalem is said to be the site where prophet Muhammad ascended into heaven; so not only is it holy land for the Jewish but for the Muslims as well. It is possible that the Palestinians are beginning an attempt to try to reclaim their holy ground. As for the Prime Minister of Jerusalem he is already accusing the Palestinian President of inciting the attacks for the battle over Jerusalem. In both Palestine and Jerusalem this is a clear indication that the states are sacralized creating a political religion and potentially making way for a religious war. The attack was actually praised by an Islamic jihadist group in Palestine and people handed out candy to celebrate which is propaganda to instill the idea on the public that this was a positive event. This is how far ingrained the idea of protecting Islam it seeps into every facet of these peoples lives; jihadism is your standard political religion. Their use of negative propaganda can be seen all over popular media.

People of the Jewish community are also under investigation for attacks on Palestinians although it is clear that if there ever was a war between the Jewish and the Muslims for Jerusalem that the Western powers specifically America would immediately jump in to help the Jewish. Clearly the American nationals are looking at this recent event through the eyes of Christian distortion and they are lumping all Muslims in with Jihadists. This is not to say that all Muslims are jihadists, possibly the Palestine cousins didn’t even realize that the rabbis they targeted had dual citizenship – this is perhaps the start of a long line of attacks to regain control of Jerusalem. It is disgusting that the world is wasting so much resources and energy on these sacrilegious philosophies in hopes that someday there will be some form of peace and stability in the Middle East.




One thought on “Synagogue attack triggers the potential for a religious war …

  1. When two religious states border each other, there will no doubt be contention between their segregate belief systems. When we look at recent events between Muslim’s in Palestine and the Jewish in Jerusalem, we can create a variety of justifications in labelling Palestine as an alarmist state. However, to use only these extreme examples to justify this discriminative label is too narrow.

    This blog highlights Palestine as an extremist state which partakes in religious discrimination through terrorist behavior. Furthermore, the blog points to Palestine’s relation to ‘Western World’ society. Quite clearly, Palestine is a nation that has a majority Muslim population. In states where religion is central to the nation’s identity, discrimination and hate crimes begin to blossom. This is especially present when legislative policy backs religious discrimination. However, this cannot be narrowly argued as purely the fault of political policy nor a central religious movement. States where a single religion is promoted show a collective conscience. Thus, any single deviance from this collective conscience is enough to trigger media’s Black Propaganda machine.

    Clearly, Christians, or ‘Western World’ individuals, in the Middle East will face some form of discrimination. However, to state that Jihadists preach death to westerners is quite an alarmist statement. Additionally, to say that all Muslims are Jihadists adds to this escalated effect. In this sense, your analysis of the article is commendable. Not only is this an exaggeration, but it lacks taking into account the effect of Black Propaganda.

    Recent events in Pakistan similarly highlight religious discrimination of Christians. A Christian couple, with a baby on the way, was said to have been burned alive by a Muslim extremist group. Media outlets highlighted Pakistan’s blasphemy law as the correlating cause to hate crimes and discrimination in the Middle East. Importantly however, the cause of such discrimination was not simply that Pakistan’s population is majorly Muslim. Legislative policies, as well as Black Propaganda spouting media, encouraged religious discrimination and revealed a deviance from the collective conscience. Thus, it is important to critically review these reports and acknowledge media as notoriously known for relaying messages that back political and religious values. Furthermore, the truth is often undermined in media as a means to perpetuate a particular group’s collective conscience.

    However, to narrowly use such arguments to conclude the Middle East as permanently being destitute of peace, presents a fallacy of provincialism. Selective evidence was used to bolster your argument when it is equally important to acknowledge examples such as the United States. The United States, although majorly Christian, successfully motivated interreligious acceptance through the presence of Civil Religion. Civil Religion attempts to include all religious groups by scooping them under umbrella vocabulary such as the use of ‘God’ rather than ‘Jesus’. Equally important is the use of legislative policy on restrictions against discrimination based on religion and hate speech in media. Despite being a multicultural country, the United States manages to peacefully bring all religions under one collective conscience. In conclusion, religious peace in the Middle East is possible.

    – KD

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