Evangelical Family Strives For Acceptance of Gay Children

Evangelical Family Strives For Acceptance of Gay Children 


Christianity often denounces gay, lesbian, bisexual, or transgendered individuals as “wrong”, “immoral”, and believes that their “choice” can be cured. For one Evangelical family, they believed in order to be good Christians they should get their gay son the “help” he needs about his “confusion”. This Evangelical family loved their openly gay son, Ryan, but told him he needed to change in order to become a good, devote Christian. Ryan participated in “reparative therapy” and immersed himself in bible studies for six years, with no change in his sexual orientation. Because of this, Ryan felt cut off from him parents and faith and started abusing drugs, and then later, died from an overdose. Because of this tragedy Ryan’s parents are now realizing that the church had wrongly taught them and demonized their child for his sexual orientation. Ryan’s parents now believe that future parents and children of GLBT orientation can both fully affirm their faith and fully hold onto and accept their child. Some Evangelical leaders are even realizing that there is a need for a new approach and that shunning GLBT children in itself is not very Christian. Our world is globalizing and modernizing at an alarming rate, and with new social and cultural changes the churches are going to need to adapt in order to proclaim their faith and welcome in their community members.

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