Children being accused of witchcraft: Abuse rises in the UK

Children being accused of witchcraft: Abuse rises in the UK


In the UK, London’s Metropolitan Police have received many reports and cases of the abuse of children, where parents and family members have thought that the children in their families have been possessed by an evil spirit or believed to be a witch.  Just in 2013 there had been 26 reported cases of abused children; which resulted not in just physical harm, such as beating, starvation and isolation, but also emotional and psychological harm. In extreme cases such as Victoria Climbe’ who was 8 years old, she suffered various beatings, neglection, starvation and eventually ended up dead in 2008, with over 128 injuries to her body. Her great aunt and her boyfriend believed she was a witch. In another case of Kristy Bamu, he was tortured for three days by his sister and her boyfriend because he was accused of doing witchcraft. The couple then drowned him in a bathtub using an exorcism ritual. The rise of number reports is due to the community staff such as social workers, teachers, healthcare physicians and pastors. Many families and pastors do believe that if your child is seen to be possessed in any way, the only way to get the spirit out of the child or person is to result in physical abuse. On October 8th the Metropolitan Police Service and the CCPAS, the Churches Child Protection Advisory Service hosted a multi agency event at London’s City Hall to raise awareness of child abuse linked to faith or belief.  I find the fact the family could do something horrific as beat and kill their own child is disgusting. Many people believe different things, due to religions and cultures, but killing someone due to any circumstance is wrong.  Many people will agree and or disagree with me, but our society is so messed up that no one knows what is right and what is wrong anymore.


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