Better off outside Israel?

The Israeli state has been one that has focused on the promotion of Judaism and Jewish values since its formation post WW2. The state provides a common ground and territory that many Jews can call finally call home. The state really puts an emphasis on helping their citizens live a life that is Kosher in every aspect. Examples of which include kosher public kitchens to make sure that all strict dietary restrictions are met for Jews, as well as Israeli citizenship for anyone that can prove their Jewish ancestry as far back as four generations and state funded medical procedures for those wishing to have children, as this is an ideal promoted by Judaism. Even though the Israeli state does a great job protecting and preaching Judaism, it can be argued that many Jews are able to live a much fuller life outside of Israeli without compromising their Jewish values. The majority of 13 million Jews worldwide live outside of Israel. Many see this as being positive due to the fact that that they can more openly embrace universalism and in doing so they can also apply their Jewish values to society and make the society they live in a better place. It can be argued that the Jewish population has historically gone through some rough times when living in foreign lands and without an Israeli state to give them security they could never be comfortable and safe. Examples of which can be seen in the Jewish ghettos pre WW2 and the German led Holocaust not too long after that killed 6 million Jews. This can be seen as deterrence for Jews to leave their safe haven of Israel.  But times have changed, Jew’s have moved all over the world to different countries and have been accepted by society and are seen as beneficial members of the pubic who contribute to the well being of society. In addition, this Diaspora can be seen as positive due to the fact that Judaism can now be “ spread to the world as a whole, and not just confined to the Jewish people.” In addition, the modern world has become a more tolerable place when it comes to the accepting of outside cultures and many countries now are founded on the ideal of multiculturalism and they encourage the settlement of other cultures and societies.




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