Are People Really Happy with the Decline of Religion in Politics?


Are People Really Happy with the Decline of Religion in Politics?

For years governments have tried to remove any type of religious element from their political system, but as indicated by a recent article in the Huffington Post many individuals living in the United States do not agree with this strategy. Many issues that have strong religious elements, such as abortion or gay marriage, have become recurring political issues in America with religion as an influencing factor even with the efforts that have been made to keep religion and politics separate. However recent research has indicated that in the US 72% of the population perceived the influence of religion in society as declining which is 20% higher than when the study was previously conducted in 2001. The group that seems most concerned with these statistics is the Christians living in the US. In their opinion as the influence of religion declines in politics it will only have an increasingly negative impact on society. Because of this they are asking to see more involvement from their Church in regards to politics such as seeing their politicians pray in public or having their Church endorse certain candidates.

It is very interesting to see that there are still so many who believe that involving religion, in particular Christianity, when making political decisions would have a positive effect on society. This shift in attitudes is surprising as only a few years earlier in 2010 a survey indicated that a majority of 52% believed politics should be kept separate from religion. With so many religions now present in America having one in particular have an overwhelming impact on the way that decisions are made that would effect the population as a whole seems not only unfair, but also incredibly unreasonable. It seems as though the individuals fighting to have a stronger religious presence in their politics have forgotten why it was removed in the first place. With many different religions come many different systems of beliefs and by involving any one specific type of religion in politics would be a sure fire way to please the few while angering the masses.

One would think that because many of these Christians feel so strongly about the religious views of their politicians that it would influence their political party of choice or perhaps their voting decisions but this does not seem to be the case. It seems as though even with a difference of opinions within political groups it has not become a large enough issue for people to switch parties or political standings. Although religion was a deciding factor for where many individuals sat in regards to somewhat religious issues facing their political leaders it did not seem to have any significant effect on who they chose to vote for or what party they aligned with.

Although religion and politics have been kept as separate as possible for a very long time now it is interesting to see that there are still so many out there who see this as an unnecessary practice. In contrast to what some of the Christians living in America see as beneficial I believe that only negative consequences can come from once again bringing a strong religious element into the realm of politics.

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One thought on “Are People Really Happy with the Decline of Religion in Politics?

  1. This is a very interesting article as well as a blog and is something I personally have been interested in. First and foremost although only 49% of people go to church, I think it would be interesting to look at these statistics on holidays such as christmas/easter. Its a funny topic in the sense that I feel that the people in the United States are still religious they just don’t seem to be expressing it as much. You still see references which the Presidents’ make in speeches, as well as the song “God Save America” during some sporting events. I think the quote in this article “People still see religion as one of the fundamental sources of morality” really captures the state of religion in the United States today.
    Great read! Thanks!

    – T.C
    – RELS349

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